Sunday, November 28, 2010

help me choose better phone, please


nokia 7900 Prism 


Exchange to :
i Phone?


Xperia Pureness
by Sony Ericcson?

which one's better? i love the design Pureness' design, but what i have to consider is, that pureness doesn't have any camera, colors or internet because the screen is see through, but that's a good thing.  However, i still need functional cellphone. Well, i don't know yet

Help me

Monday, November 22, 2010


One of my biggest dreams is, i reaaaally wanna work at ELLE Magazine Indonesia.  ELLE Magazine is one of the most influential magazine in Indonesia's Fashion Industry.  It is youthful, creative and very inspiring.   I wish i can be a part of ELLE someday, to be a fashion editor and to be one of The Most Influential Woman in the Fashion Industry. 


These are my Selfmade ELLE Cover.  I don't really master Photoshop, so the retouch is a little bit rough.  I'm sorry, but i'm really obsessed with ELLE.  

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Desperately need it

I need a camera
I need a camera
I need a camera
I need a camera
I need a camera
And this camera SUITS me

So i think it's normal

I'm sorry if you're not comfortable with my constant changing layout. My mood is unstable, i mean, really unstable.  Well, i'm 18, so i think it's normal



I wanna know what it's like to be married
to know the life after you are willing to be bound together,
It is interesting.
Do they feel happiness?
Do people live happily ever after after they are married?
Do they love to see their child grown?
Do they have problems with the in laws?
Do they CHEAT?
or do some of them have affairs with others? like having sex with their partner in the office while his wife wait at home washing dishes?
Is it complicated?
Is it confusing?
Is it addictive? the sex life?
Am i asking to much question about this?
Can i get married for 3 hours (not in a real life) just to know how it's like to be married?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

V Covers

Pekan Fashion Jakarta

Jakarta Fashion Week is the biggest fashion moment in Indonesia.  JFW this year was held on this November in Pacific Place, Jakarta.  And as the event goes by, people were dressing up beautifully, i mean beautifully branded, it's not really usual in this country, since Jakarta is not a capital of world fashion, but we're working on it.  Because i think today's fashion in Indonesia is really as good as foreign countries.  And we also have our signature too, with a 'touch' of ethnic pattern and embroidery, Indonesia's fashion is ready to reach the top!
See you on Jakarta Fashion Week next year!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

my further dream

Sometimes i feel like,
i forgot how to dance,
how to make a move and how to express myself through dancing.
Dancing is my second passion,
the  next goal i would archieve (hopefully).
Dancing is my further dream. 
i might not have the best skills or techniques,
but somewhere inside tells me,
that i could be the best dancer ever, in both contemporary and hip hop genre
and if that what your heart tells you,
then this is where you really belong