Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another promising designer


more info? stare this

Sigh, another stylish phone

Problem #1: "I have this smart phone, which can easily connect me to my friends all over the world, but my phone looks the same with the others, i wanted something different"

Problem #2: "I have this smart phone, with high resolution touch screen, good audio speakers, multiple games, but i can hardly chat with my friends :,( "

Then, with this,
those are no longer problems.

May i introduce you, the most wanted phone this year,

 It has all the features you need.  
Me, personally, need a phone with a good layout,
stylish bodice, 
high def screen,
vibrant colors,
social networking applications,
and so many others. 
And it's all here!

I still love my iphone, but,
i seriously need this,
a really stylish fashion phone.

we'll see. .

ANONISM genius

I found this Indonesia's genius photographer,
Anton Ismael.
In love with his works at my first glance when i watched Bondan Prakoso's Vclip, "Tetap Semangat"
well i don't know how to describe it better, but what i know is,
in some way,
this guy is

if you don't believe me,
then click this

 -DEW Magazine


-A MILD Commercial

CROCS CANDY Launching & Fashion Show at Senayan City

If you think that you are too fashionable to wear CROCS, then scratch and forget that!
Because CROCS has launch CROCS CANDY,
the new collection of CROCS which is very fashionable and sweet.
The launch of the new collection was celebrated with Fashion Show (models by Edge Models),
 make up tutorial by The Body Shop,
and Talk Show with Marie Claire & Girlfriend Magazine.
So, if you can't stand with those killer heels,
just simply stay comfortable with these fun CROCS CANDY,
available on CROCS stores near you.

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Monday, May 23, 2011


We're not twins, but we have the same haircut :D
Well it's not really look the same, but, you know,
it reminds me of my hair.
Say hello to my foreign twin,  Sebastian Sauvé