Sunday, August 28, 2011

Charlie Chaplin Spread, photographed by Margaretha Ahteragram



 Photographed & DI by Margaretha Ahteragram
Model   Talitha Maranila & Marteza Sumendra
Stylists   Asmara Abigail & Dhea Tanya
Make up artist   Michelle Lukman
Wardrobe  Sylists & Model's own

Charlie Chaplin Assignment

We were assigned to make a trend forcasting company called ''Formation" by our fancy lecturer, Ichwan Thoha for our final project last semester.  
Charlie Chaplin is the trend we have to consider and make presentation, inspirations, fashion spread, color board and mood board out of it.  
It was really fun, actually, and stressing as well.  

the preparation

moustache is very important at the moment

the crowd stall

the team & our fancy lecturer Ichwan Thoha

Rahielda & I :D find her more on this site