Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jakarta Street Style : 10 @guptozor

and then we found this boy
with portfolio on his hand,
blue-ish outfits
and he is still soo young,
but most of all,
it's his blue eyeshadow who stole the show!

Jakarta Street Style : 09 veil me on

it's the confidence that we need
when you wear something unrevealing outfits when nobody does
when people wear minis, and tanks
and you are wearing veils.
(and you still can pull this off)
well that's huge.

Jakarta Street style 08 : Bring on the BANANA!


this girl has stole the attention around the venue.
it's the banana shoes i'm talking about.
well, she's different.
and dashing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rick Genest for Schon Magazine

Rick Owens s/s 012 details

i feel high tech already
the cuttings are magnificent.
i can't barely breathe
this is something i would wear this season
dump all the flowers,
it's spring summer on the next level

a wow enterance

Marchesa f/w 011

it's magical,
but saw a lil' bit of Givenchy there.
the cutting, tulle and things.
just reminds me of it. 
but great job, love it

breath taking

love the magical socks

my pick