Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jakarta is Chung

When you ask about Jakarta's Mainstream streetsyle, i'll say Chung, Alexa Chung. 
The girls in Jakarta, especially high to junior high school student almost look so much like her. 
I mean, not in a really good way. 
No, the good news is they have chosen a good muse for their style,
but the bad news is, they all have THE SAME STYLE!
I mean, i can't even differentiate which one is Pricilla and which one is Anya. 
The hair is long - middle parted, the smile and poses are same when you look at their photos, the muses are same, the hot pants, the shoes, aah maybe this is why it's so hard to remember their names.

Well, this is the reason i begin to take pictures of the stylistas in Jakarta which have different muse and unique styles. 

So please don't say i haven't warn you, if you have a trip to Jakarta and find all the faces are the same. 

Love, D

Image source : Bing